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Jackie Meier — Artist


I have enjoyed drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. As a child I told everyone that I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up. I went to college, graduated, got my first job as a graphic designer, and spent several years building my career. I put painting on the back burner during that time.

For several years I tried to start a family and eventually, my husband and I adopted a beautiful little boy from Korea. A month later, to everyone's surprise, I was pregnant with my son Christopher.

Life happens, things change, a divorce, a remarriage and 2 new step sons became a part of my world. Who has time to create artwork while working full time and raising 4 boys?


It wasn't until our kids were grown, that my husband and I found a lake house to enjoy our free time. I began to notice beautiful lake scenes, and sunrises and sunsets. They called out to me. They demanded to be painted. So, I picked up my brush again and began painting the beautiful things I saw at the lake. While taking walks I found myself capturing a beautiful garden or some other scene on my smart phone. I could hardly wait to get home to paint those scenes.

While I studied art education as an undergraduate, my career went the way of graphic design. Over the years I became very proficient using graphic design software. That love of technology caused me to  pursue a Masters degree in Educational Technology. I am currently a high school computer teacher. I live & work in Wood County, Ohio. I vacation on Lake Erie in Marblehead, Ohio.


I love my students, computers, painting and Jesus. I enjoy sharing my artwork and my faith.


I specialize in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings. I hope you enjoy my site.

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